Magic and Mystics

An excerpt from Seven Winds written by Zhao Hao before the Age of the Red Moon


When I was a boy, the scholars of my temple asked the question- “What makes our prayers?”

It is a ponderous thing, prayer. We call to the gods (or is it plea?) and they sometimes answer. We have faith, and there in lay the power we mortals have over our world.

For every business minded herbalist who claims the touch of Lithwae in their poultices, there is one who walks the path of the Green Mother true, and can lay on hands to mend flesh like the Mother herself. Near everywhere one can find the servants of the Grave Watcher, undertakers and funeral holders, they ensure our loved ones find rest on the path to the Grave. The most gifted of them are said to hear the deceased themselves, to take on even the prayers of the fallen. Somehow this faith can bring about miracles.

I ask a more informed question than my teachers- “Why must we pray?”

Magic and Mystics

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