“In the beginning there was only the Dragons and the darkness.
So the Dragons became light, and the Suns shone upon Erda.”
-Carved into the Halls of Dasche
*Note to players that PC’s may require successful checks to draw upon some of this knowledge*

Age of Light

  • Erda in its infancy is home to unrestrained primal entities. They create and destroy in equal measure. Erda is a land not much more than chaos.
  • The first new gods are born when twin Primals, Miriim, and Rors, begin to wish for a set cycle to existence, so they might see their works grow and die on their own accord. They are raised to godhood by the Dragons, Raa’l and Setra, who claim to only wish to observe and record creation.
  • Using their newfound power, the twins begin to impose order and siphon the power from their kin, but not killing them. They are joined by the like-minded Lithwae, the first being to come into existance on Erda, and the viscous Kwaol. Both are raised to godhood, the latter begrudgingly so.
  • Balance and cycle are finally achieved on Erda when the primal Golganin is raised, and the five Primal deities banish their diminished kin to an echo of Erda, creating the Fey Wilds.

Age of Wyrms

  • While Kwaol made all manner of beast and prey, and Golganin saw to the skies and the seas, The twins and Lithwae aimed to craft a present for the Dragons who shared great power with them. A seed of great power is created, and grows beyond even Golganin’s clouds to reach the Light of the Dragons.
  • The great sprout buds after many millenia, Erda having settled into a familiar climate to our modern day. The bud bursts and lets out the first mortal dragons, deemed Wyrms many centuries later.
  • The Wyrms use great magic inherent to them to warp some of Kwaol’s creations into beings of cunning and who could create on their own. Some Wyrms sought slaves and soldiers to oust rivals and mine the riches they smelled deep in the earth, those Wyrms created the progenitors of many of the races upon Erda today. Some wished to have students, and those did folly when they created the Ophiduan, the ancient serpentfolk.
  • The Ophiduan are taught arcane magic by their progenitors, the metallic wyrms , and found themselves also tied to the magic of the Primals. Using this diverse mastery the Ophiduan overthrow and begin to hunt the Wyrms.
  • The Ophiduan Empire is founded.
  • The Wyrms withdraw from the world, hunted by the self proclaimed Wyrmlords, who can bind them in body or soul, leaving the slave races to their own devices, the more clever develop crude culture.
  • Among the slave races one known as Dulngrir unites his people to take control of many wyrm’s hordes of treasure. Though some dissent, and take their share to horde like their gone masters deep in the world, Dulngrir leads his people to trade with the Ophiduan empire, proving themselves great smiths and earning them the respect of the Emperor, and their lands outside of the mountains to go unmolested by the ravenous Ophiduan Empire’s advance.
  • Through unknown circumstances Dulngrir is raised to godhood. He uses this power to bless his people, taking away the blight the wyrms ingrained into their being. The renewed people call themselves Humans.
  • The current Emperor finds this an insult by the gods and sets about crafting a ritual to become a god himself. His empire enslaves the Humans and sets his own people to toil and craft strange structures of platinum and obsidian.
  • The age comes to an end when the Emperor sacrifices the whole of his people to attain godhood. The god Vasktet becomes the only god to attain status through sheer will and arrogance. The influx of souls to the grave causes the appearance of the undying god Mordkalik, he has since held a deep grudge against the Lord of Serpents.

Age of Titans



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