Gods of the Realms

The Dragons of Time and Space- The eldest gods, dwelling withing the twin suns

  • Raa’l- The Platinum Dragon
  • Setra- The Obsidian Dragon

The Primal Gods- The five primal entities present on Erda since its birth raised to godhood by the Dragons.

  • Miriim- The Everbloom
  • Rors- The Withered Vine
  • Lithwae- The Green One
  • Kwaol- The Beast in the Forest
  • Golganin- King Squall

The Once Mortal Gods- those who attained feats in their lifetimes worthy of eternal power and dominion over Erda…all but the arrogant Lord of Serpents

  • Dulngrir- The First Man
  • Vasktet- Wyrmchild, Lord of Serpents
  • Nimue- Lady of the Lake
  • Zhou-Hai- Pheonix Sage
  • Caithe- Thief of Heart and Coin
  • Isen- Eye of all Things

Eternal Gods- Brought into being by the cosmos itself to bring balance to the divine planes in some way, typically after a calamity.

  • Mordkalik- The Undying Eye
  • Thisf- The Rotten Queen
  • Bishares- The Titan
  • Avi- Mote of Magic

Gods of the Realms

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